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Human Network

A customizable suite of services that delivers outcome-based,
talent-driven solutions to your hiring challenges.

Hyderabad, India.

Great hiring is a complex process.

We’re not headhunters, we are Talent Acquisition Experts. We help growing companies launch and design recruiting strategies for the workforce of tomorrow.

Think personalized staffing and recruitment services that work for you. From developing a recruitment strategy to implementing new technology, think of us as your strategic partner. We help design and create content strategies that leverages your employer brand and optimizes your media buying’s ROI.

Be ready to grow.
Recruit with confidence.

We help growing companies use smart strategies and structures to attract people who share their values and support their culture. If you’re having a challenge finding the right people, then you’re in the right place.

In today’s digitally driven world of work, you need a business partner who understands the full scope of the talent management life cycle.

Our recruiting solutions offer your great flexibility, an outstanding performance guarantee at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional recruiting firms.

We optimize your talent management while minimizing your time-to-value ratio. Using our expertise in the recruitment marketing industry, we leverage the most advanced technologies to help you identify, recruit, and retain the talent you need.

Talent is a Business Priority

  • Hiring is critical to every company’s future. Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, you need the right people to grow your business.

Finding top talent is hard

  • business leaders globally list hiring as their top concern (over both revenue and customer growth). The best employees out there aren’t always looking for a job, and if they are, they might not be considering your company as a place to grow their career.

Recruiting Has Changed

  • The way people find, research, and apply for jobs has changed. Companies used to be in control of the recruiting process, but now, over 75% of job seekers start their search on Google. It’s easier and faster than ever to discover what a workplace is like, which positions are available, and even find salary information. As a result, employer brand is paramount. Recruiters need to think more like marketers to create an engaging, helpful candidate experience.

Are you ready to step up
your talent acquisition strategies?

How it’s Possible

Three Steps to Finding Talent

Start hiring your rockstar team today. Raising the Bar


Describe your Opportunity

Explain the Open Position details, your expectations from the candidate and specify the title, skills, experience level, salary.

More Details

Review your Matches

The magic starts within 3 days, you will start to see the initial resumes, now help us refine the results for a better match.

More Details

Select and Onboard

Select the best candidates, gain consensus across your team, and Onboard Human Network(s) — Start to Onboard in 12-15 days.

More Details

Start hiring your Dream Team

Tell us what you are looking at hiring and we will work with you to make your hires come through. specify the skills and experience you’re looking for, we will not need the job description, but some inputs on what you are expecting of the hire. Something like, we need an Engineer(s) for the search team to work on server side delivery for our office in Bangalore.

Finding tech talent has never been easier

Technology at its best from sourcing bots to calling emgines and more..

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Supercharge Your Recruiting Efforts

Start to end with-in days / weeks, finding qualified tech talent has never been easier..

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Positions we Specialise

What open roles can Human Network help me fill?

We can find talent across multiple domains, technologies and levels
however below are a few roles that we specialise in.

Software Engineering

    Full Stack Engineer, Backend Engineer, Frontend Engineer, Security Engineer.

    Mobile Engineer, Data Engineer, Gaming Engineer, Blockchain Engineer

Data, AI and Machine Learning

    Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer, NLP Engineer.

    Business Analyst, Data Engineer.

Engineering Leaders

    Engineering Manager, Solutions Manager, DevOps Manager.

    Program Manager, Technical Program Manager.

Design / UX

    UX Designer, Product Designer, UX Researcher.

    UI Engineer, Visual/UI Designer, UI Test Engineer.

Product Management

    Product Manager, Product Marketing, Technical Product Manager.

    Project Manager, QA/Test Manager.

DevOps / Cloud / Security

    DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer (SRE), Build/Release Engineer.

    CyberSecurity Engineer, Information Security, Penetration Tester.

Employers - FAQ’s

  • 01. Why should i use Human Network Services for my Recruitment?

    Hiring the right people, especially in the current market competition and higher demand for talent, and old fashioned traditional recruiting methods are not going to help stay ahead of the curve. Hiring the right teams and on-time, is critical to your success. Look at how far you have come as a business with help of technology and when you look at recruitment technology, hardly any is being used, we have that solved for you. Because of our unique “map-talent-company-title” model, we're able to get your company in front of talented engineers you otherwise wouldn't have access to.

  • 02. How differemnt are you?

    We believe we are the only company that can map upwards of 80% of the addressable market pool for you and thats how different we are.

  • 03. What locations can you source candidates from?

    We can get you candidates from any of the locations, our success has been good with Delhi/NCR, Bangalore and Hyderabad. However we can do other locations like New York, Seattle, SF Bay Area, Boston and Los Angeles.

  • 04. What roles can you help us fill?

    Our strengths are best used in filling tech roles, Software Engineers (across levels), Engineering Leaders, Data Scientists, Designers, Product Managers and DevOps.

  • 05. Where do you source candidates from?

    Multiple, we first start by understanding your target talent pool. We then make a list of target companies and titles with-in these companies that are a best fit and we drill down further and once the base model is in place we start to fill names and this makes our first offering - the Long-List, this is a big milestone. The long list consists of name, gender, title, current company and location. We then allow the technology to do the magic and gather data form hundreds of sources to put together the rest of the details like education, previous employment, skills, contact details and more.

  • 06. What works for you, specific niche roles or generic roles?

    While we can work on both, you will make the best for ongoing roles, say you want to fill tens or hundreds of Software Engineers, or Product Managers, we can ensure there is a continuous pipeline available for you to tap into.

  • 07. How much do you charge?

    Here’s the good news - we’re cheaper than a traditional recruiter! You can pay us for any stage of the recruiting function,

    # Pay just for the mapping of candidates, allowing your recruiters to go after the qualified candidates.

    # Pay for mapping and contact details of the candidates, this time reducing effort of the recruiters further more.

    # Pay for interested candidates ONLY, meaning we do the interest check and pass only the ones that are intrested

    # Pay us a 15% flat-fee.

    We are open to any option that works for you or open to customising the same for multiple roles.