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About Human Network

Trusted Staffing Partner: Reliable & Cost Efficiant Recruitment Agency

Human Network helps software companies of all shapes and sizes, from up-coming startups to fastest-growing private companies across nearly every domain. We're a small distributed team working tirelessly to build the talent infrastructure for the internet.

Finding qualified tech talent has never been easier.

Rama K Reddy


Supercharge Your Recruiting Efforts

We are on a mission to make matchmaking between technology companies and the talent Simpler, Better and Faster. We intend to disrupt the recruiting industry, by providing for a better and more efficient way for companies to hire talent.

Full-Time Hiring

Hiring Permanent Employees

Turnkey Recruitment Solutions

Recruitment Solutions customised to client needs

Talent Map Solutions

Map Talent across Companies / Industry

Recruitment technologies

Technology based Recruitment Solutions

We solve recruiting challenges by using technology, Sourcing and Schedule is 100% Automated.

01Sourcing Bots

We start with mapping talent across your domain / competation, followed by our sourcing bot making a long-list of probables.

02Superfast Hiring

Our calling engines can reach upto 100,000 candidates per day, followed by our bots collecting relavant candidate data.

03We Partner, We Deliver

Start to end with-in days / weeks, finding qualified tech talent has never been easier.

Our Focus Areas

Roles we Specialise

  • Software Engineering

  • Engineering Leaders

  • Designs / UX

  • Data, AI and ML

  • Product Management

  • DevOps

Full-Stack, UI, Java, Python

Talk is cheap, show me the Software Code

Engineering Leaders (Manager / Director)

Lead teams, read / write code, and own the software deliver.

Design / UX

Design software that can humanise technology, allowing users to ride the software.

Data, AI and Machine Learning

Data is the new science. Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s artificial intelligence..

Product Management

Brain of an engineer, the heart of a designer, and the speech of a diplomat


The most powerful tool for software developers is automation.
How it’s Possible

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Select the best candidates, gain consensus across your team, and Onboard Human Network(s) — Start to Onboard in 12-15 days.

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